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AussieDoodle and AussiePoo Puppies in Central Illinois

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At Signature Doodles, we raise every puppy in our home, right under our feet. We have no kennels, no cages or outbuildings. When it’s time for the puppies to arrive, we set up a nursery in our home so that we can socialize and interact with them daily. This way, they are exposed to all the things they will experience when going to their new homes. Our mommy dogs are our loved pets.

Only the most affectionate and healthy dogs will qualify to become part of our program. Our sires and dams are checked for genetic health issues (hips, elbows, eyes, MDR-1, and more) and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Be assured that you are getting a healthy AussieDoodle puppy for many years to come.

Signature Doodles offers a support system for your dog for life. If there is a training challenge or health concern, WE WANT TO HELP. Sometimes we may be able to offer a suggestion that could save you stress and money.

We do not want our dogs to ever end up in a shelter. If life happens and there is a reason you can no longer keep one of our dogs, we want you to contact us. We will help you find a new home for your dog.

Our Doodle Story

We want to introduce you to Aussiedoodles. Our family brought home the most precious puppy several years ago. Stella Rosalie Jade was the first Aussiedoodle we had been introduced to. I know, she has three names, it was hard to decide. Stella is an F1 cross between a Standard Poodle and a Mini Australian Shepard. As you can imagine, we were immediately in love with the smartest, most loyal, and loving puppy. Since they weren’t very popular in our area, we decided to breed Aussiedoodles. I had bred poodles in the past, so this wasn’t just a whim. We then needed a Standard Poodle or a Mini Australian Shepard. Since dog hair and shedding is a no go for us, we opted for a Standard Poodle. The search began for the perfect poodle. After a lot of research, we finally found the sweetest Black Standard Poodle puppy and brought her home. We were excited about her color because even though she is classified as blue, so she has a hint of grey. Her parents were silver and blue. Bernice Mattise became a part of our family. A couple of years later and we had our first litter. We are so excited to share this amazing breed of dog. Of course with any doodle breed, you never know what they will look like. We are always so excited for the surprise!